Wednesday, Donald Trump retweeted, then deleted something from someone who’s an obvious white supremacist. (The guy’s Twitter handle is @WhiteGenocideTM, which should have been Trump’s first clue.)

It caused something of an uproar yesterday. But then, there was an uproar the last time he retweeted (then deleted) the same guy:

On @WhiteGenocideTM’s profile, he says he lives in “Jewmerica,” and at the time of the first controversy, had a banner on his account that said, “Get The F**k Out Of My Country” — he still has a picture of the founder of the American Nazi Party. (He has since changed his profile to “Jewish nationalist/supremacist! descendant of holocaust survivors, never again.” Uh huh. He left in the link to a documentary defending Adolph Hitler.)

Donald Trump either has really, really bad judgement — or he just approves of the guy.  And let’s not forget, White Nationalists have made robocalls for his campaign.

It’s far from the only case of Trump courting extremist ideas. There is his widely criticized call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants. Also, as Media Matters has extensively covered, Trump’s campaign is actively courting the audience of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (Jones is known for believing the government was behind 9-11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, and that immigrants are part of a global conspiracy of the “New World Order”). I also keep thinking about this story, in which a former Atlantic City casino employee said black workers had to be kept out of view whenever Trump visited.

The thread that runs through his candidacy sure looks like bigotry.