It is breathtakingly insolent that Donald Trump has christened Hillary Clinton, his dignified and ethical opponent, with the sobriquet “Crooked Hillary,” given that he is a shameless thief. 

On the opening night of the Republican Convention, Melania Trump gave an address that clearly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s “One Nation” speech. Irrespective of whether it was written by her with a little help, as she claimed, or penned by a speechwriter, it should have been thoroughly vetted by her husband’s campaign. The buck stops with Donald.

When he came onstage to introduce her, Donald made a dramatic entrance set to Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” despite the fact that the band has repeatedly asked him to stop using their music.

Donald is the nominee of a party whose platform is rife with bigotry. He has eagerly embodied and embraced that bigotry, displaying it like a badge of honor. So it’s hardly shocking that day one of the Republican convention featured the unabashed theft of the intellectual property of a Black woman and a queer man.

This is, of course, only the beginning of Donald’s illustrious career of thieving.

His Trump Institute plagiarized materials.

Donald himself plagiarized his former primary opponent Dr. Ben Carson earlier in this very campaign.

He spent decades stealing people’s labor, refusing to pay them for their work.

He has stolen people’s homes from them.

He has stolen people’s money via the giant fraud that was Trump University.

He has stolen from vendors by wriggling out of compensating them in full.

Just look at what he did to Michael Diehl:

This is a man who has zero compunction about stealing. He is an unrepentant thief.

And he is a sinister projectioneer who incessantly asserts that “other people” are stealing—stealing jobs, stealing away rights, stealing people’s safety and futures.

His blameful bluster is nothing but a cynical misdirection from his own lifetime of thievery. He wants to own everything, except responsibility for the wreckage created by his exploitation and larceny.

It is not “those other people” who have burgled away struggling people’s security and prospects, but him and others like him who have gotten ahead by taking whatever they please.

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