Video has surfaced of Donald Trump questioning Hillary’s faith in front of a crowd of conservative Christians. “We don’t know anything about Hillary in terms of religion,” he said. Lord, help us. 

Hillary Clinton is a woman of faith. It motivates her. It’s her foundation. It’s just who she is.

It’s also well-known.

According to Pew, she’s seen as the most religious candidate running for president.

Bill Clinton says: If you want to understand Hillary, you should look first to her faith. 

It’s not a little-known fact. It’s out there. She gives speeches about it. She talks about in on the campaign trail. In fact, she talks about it a lot!

Anticipating this very line of attack, I compiled six of the most beautiful expressions of Hillary’s faith a while back. On a day like today, I’m especially glad I did. As I wrote at the time:

As a Christian from the South whose father was a pastor for 18 years, I’ve looked to Hillary’s faith for a long time. It’s helped ground me as I’ve navigated the political world, and my own life, especially now as a new mom. I’m continually inspired by her steadfast commitment to her faith in the midst of enormous pressures, and how it drives her to serve others and seek a better world.

I’ve had the chance to be in the room when Hillary has discussed her faith multiple times. It’s powerful because it’s so personal, so connected.

Deborah Fikes, an evangelical leader who has served in the highest ranks of the World Evangelical Association, and who has endorsed Hillary, knows this, too:

“In my personal capacity of working with over 130 National Evangelical Alliances around the globe, ‘Sister Hillary’ as she is often called, is embraced by many Evangelical sister churches as a trustworthy and respected political leader because she lives the Golden Rule in her private life and in her public policies.  Hillary Clinton is the leader who people of faith are looking for and we are praying that Sister Hillary and not Mr. Trump will be elected in November.”

Well said, Deborah.

As the campaign progresses, let’s hope that even more people get the chance to see Hillary as you and I do.

It’s who she really is.