Maureen Dowd’s anti-Hillary vendetta is a grim fact of American political life. Her impotent, enraged, and deeply dishonest New York Times tirades betray a sick obsession unlike anything we’ve witnessed in modern political media. Lately, Dowd has taken to using these columns as a platform for racially-tinged attacks against President Obama. 

Maureen Dowd’s pathological hatred of Hillary is well-documented. In February, I detailed how Dowd has become the leading purveyor of Rovian anti-Hillary memes, sophisticated negative character frames crafted in conservative oppo shops to undermine Hillary’s candidacy.

I also pointed this out:

Dowd’s hate and envy masquerading as editorials is nothing new. But she got sloppy this time, slipping in a line accusing America’s first African American president of “using race” to get elected: “[Hillary’s] campaign cries sexism too often. In 2008, Barack Obama used race sparingly.” In the context of the previous sentence about Hillary’s campaign “crying sexism,” her insinuation about Barack Obama is crystal clear: he “used race” to get elected. It’s hard to imagine a benign interpretation of the word “used” in this instance.

In Dowd’s latest poisonous and deceitful anti-Hillary screed, she refers to America’s first black president as “Barry” and says that Hillary’s “goo got on Obama.” For good measure, she accuses Attorney General Loretta Lynch of “dancing with the Arkansas devil in the pale moonlight.”

So, in Dowd’s view, Barack Obama “used race” to get elected, has Hillary’s “goo” on him, and isn’t worthy of enough respect to be referred to by his proper name and title in the pages of the New York Times.

The soul-gutting bitterness of Dowd and other Stop Hillary fanatics will only get worse in the months to come, as Hillary’s supporters get closer to finally vanquishing them in the voting booth.

And we can expect more putrid Hillary-bashing columns from Dowd, suffused with racially-charged jabs at President Obama for helping Hillary become America’s first woman president.

The entire spectacle is utterly disgraceful. The Times should know better.

UPDATE (7/11/16): I’m gratified to see that the hashtag I created to accompany this article became a #2 national Twitter trend yesterday and is currently the #2 trend on Facebook: