Rep. Tammy Duckworth joined Democratic lawmakers and veterans to protest a bill under consideration in the Senate that would strip away promised benefits from the children of veterans.

The legislation currently under consideration in the Republican-led Senate would cut in half a monthly housing allowance for veterans’ children who attend college on their parents’ GI bill.

Duckworth, who was severely injured when the helicopter she was piloting in Iraq was shot down, had harsh words for the legislation:

Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois… said no one would accept a soldier changing his mind on the battlefield, saying “you know what? Now that the bullets are flying the costs are a little bit high. I’m not gonna go.’ “So how dare we decide, years later after we’ve made this promise [in the GI Bill] — after people enlisted or stayed in the military simply because of this benefit — that it’s too expensive, it costs us too much?” she said.

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)