For months, Donald Trump has engaged in racist and sexist name-calling against Elizabeth Warren, calling her “the Indian” and “Pocahontas.” Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, whom she defeated in 2012, has gotten in on the act, admonishing her to “take a DNA test” and accusing her of “reverse racism.” But Warren is having none of it from these bullies.

Appearing on The View, Warren minced no words, in her usual style: “Donald Trump will say or do anything – and so will Scott Brown. …What this is really about is: Can they bully me into shutting up? Can they just be nasty enough and ugly enough; throw enough stuff in my direction that I’ll say, ‘Oh!’ and just go back into the shadows? And the answer is: Nope! Not happening.”

This is really terrific for a few reasons, firstly because Warren going after Donald is always terrific!

It’s also such an important posture for her to take, because not everyone who is targeted by Donald’s bigotry and inflammatory rhetoric has the privilege or safety that Warren has to speak out as publicly and forcefully as she can. I’m certain that – like Hillary – Warren is aware that her profile both affords and obliges her leadership in pushing back against intolerance.

And then there is this: All Donald’s got is bullying. He doesn’t have policy, he doesn’t have competence, he doesn’t have any meaningful qualifications at all. He doesn’t even have a functional campaign infrastructure.

Virtually all he has is Twitter and namecalling.

By refusing to let his bullying silence her, Warren takes away the only dimestore despotic power that Donald’s got – and leaves him with nothing at all.

And for good measure, let’s take another look at Warren and Hillary campaigning together: