The real story of the DNC email leak is Donald’s terrifying ties to Russia — and Russia’s attempt to influence the US presidential election to aid Donald.

This is official confirmation of what I wrote earlier today: Sophisticated Agitators Are Actively Working to Sabotage Hillary.

It may sound like the plot of a spy thriller, but, unfortunately, it is no fiction. It appears as though Russian government hackers are indeed trying to derail Hillary and the Democrats in order to install Donald — an authoritarian with sympathies for rightwing extremism in Europe.

All of the people tantruming at the Democratic convention about the DNC email leak are, even if unwittingly, serving as Putin’s puppets. Because the truth is that the DNC did not rig the primary. Don’t take it from me. Take it from Symone Sanders, the former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders:

It isn’t serving Bernie for his recalcitrant supporters to keep yelling about the DNC emails. It serves only Donald — and his BFF in Russia, who undoubtedly couldn’t be more delighted to see people doing his dirty work at the Democratic convention.

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