It’s not just Donald Trump – extremism permeates the Republican Party. Case in point: Florida Republican senate candidate Carlos Beruff has called for the United States to ban “anybody from the Middle East” from entering the country.

After a speech to the Broward County Republican Party, Beruff – who was recently praised by Florida Governor Rick Scott – was asked about his position on Muslim immigration.

“Ah ha,” he said, according to the Sun Sentinel. “I think our immigration department is broken. And I don’t think it’s safe to allow anybody from the Middle East into this country.”

He later clarified that Israel would be excluded because its “security measures are pretty strong,” but added that the regional ban would apply to both Christians and Muslims. “Unless you can tell me how you get the system to be able to do that correctly, I think it applies to everybody,” he said.

Some of the 200 or so Republicans in attendance thought Beruff had a point. “I think it’s a good idea. Safety, right?” said one attendee. “It’s not a wrong statement to make,” said another.

Beruff is a recent entry in the race to fill Senator Marco Rubio’s seat. As a candidate running for the U.S. Senate, you’d expect him to be aware that statements like these will be picked over by the media. It’s unclear, however, whether Beruff is aware of the more than 110,000 Florida constituents who are of Middle-Eastern descent.

(Photo: AP/Gregorio Borgia)