Fred Goldberg, who served as IRS commissioner under President George H.W. Bush, says of Trump: “Inevitably, his refusal to release his returns raises a question: What is Trump hiding?”

Despite the media’s fixation on Hillary’s emails, some of us would really rather know about Donald Trump’s tax returns.

To that end, in an opinion piece for CNBC, Fred Goldberg notes:

As a former IRS commissioner and practicing tax lawyer, I understand it may be inconvenient for Trump to release his tax returns but we all know — and the IRS has confirmed — that nothing prevents any of us from releasing our tax returns any time we want. And by the way, for those who listen carefully, Trump’s promise means he will never release his tax returns. Trump’s advisors also have substantial control over when his current examination will conclude.

Further, Trump has the option of releasing the first two pages of his Form 1040, along with his Schedule A, for the past 20 years.

“Releasing this information would have no impact on any pending or future IRS audit of Trump. Zero. None. It is a risk-free first step with no downside. While painting a far from complete portrait, it would answer a few of the questions that Trump himself has raised during the campaign,” Goldberg stated.

(We will note here that Trump’s own tax lawyers issued a letter saying audits of his returns for 2002 to 2008 were closed, with no changes.)

David Cay Johnston, the renowned investigative reporter who specializes in tax issues, started covering Trump in the 1980s. He believes this is what Trump is trying to hide:

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters points out that no nominee for president in 40 years has refused to release tax returns, and Trump’s claim that he is not permitted to release his taxes while he is being audited has already been debunked, many times.

Meanwhile, the same reporters who rather obligingly ignore Trump’s taxes have busily created a new standard under the Clinton rules and hounded Hillary about releasing transcripts of her paid speeches.

Quite a double standard.