The GOP is in full freak-out mode over Donald Trump’s candidacy.

A Republican Super PAC formed for the sole purpose of trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the Party’s presidential nominee is stepping up its efforts this week in the wake of Trump’s wide margin victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

In a memo to donors, supporters and other GOP activists, Our Principles PAC executive director Katie Packer — a former top aide to Mitt Romney — urged her fellow Republicans to get in the game.

“The answer is simple: TRY. That’s right. No one has stopped him because no one has really tried,” she wrote, arguing that they must make the case that Trump is not a true conservative or a real Republican.

“[P]utting out information, in his own words, and then asking voters a few questions such as – How much do you really know about Donald Trump? Can we Trust him? – is the most effective route to highlighting his conservatism of convenience and moving voters to other candidates. Telling voters Donald Trump is a liar, a fraud, [and] a liberal is counterproductive.”

Our Principles PAC (which the memo dubs itself as “OPP”) has so far been primarily funded by Marlene Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, and is also the wife of billionaire T.D. Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts. The Ricketts family initially backed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s bid for the GOP nomination and has donated thousands to other candidates’ PACs, even Sen. Ted Cruz’s.

Packer boasted that OPP’s efforts in Iowa contributed to Trump’s falter to second place in the caucus there last month. The group has spent $3.5 million trying to defeat Trump, and has been, according to the Washington Post, the “biggest anti-Trump spender of the cycle.”

OPP isn’t the first or only group of Republicans that has set out to dispose of Trump. In fact, they’ve been at it for quite some time. Here’s what prominent conservative commentator Byron York wrote back in October:

Over the weekend I talked to a leading conservative who opposes Trump. I asked what would happen if January comes and Trump is still dominating the race. Would he and other conservatives make their peace with Trump’s candidacy, or would there be massive resistance? “Massive resistance,” was the answer. “He’s not a conservative.”

And in January, the right-wing National Review and a myriad allies representing a who’s who of elite conservative dogma launched an all-out assault on Trump, calling him a “a menace to American conservatism.” The conservative editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has joined the fray too.

Since then, however, not only is that anti-Trump campaign failing, he’s on course to run away with the GOP nomination. In fact, some on the right are beginning to figure out that Trump is a monster of the GOP’s own creation, one that a prominent libertarian conservative argued might be impossible to stop.

(AP Photo/David Goldman)