Ted Nugent went to see 13 Hours, the movie allegedly based on the “true story” of Benghazi according to conspiracy nuts. Now he wants Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be “tried for treason” and hung:

Our unholy rotten soulless criminal America destroying government killed 4 Americans in Banghazi. Period! What sort of chimpass punk would deny security, turn down 61 requests for security, then tell US forces to STAND DOWN when they were ready to kickass on the allapukes & save American lives! Obama & Clinton, thats who. They should be tried for treason & hung. Our entire fkdup gvt must be cleansed asap.

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t he, I dunno, threatening the president and former secretary of state? Isn’t he trying to incite their death?

Of course he’s pushing the same old right-wing myths. No, Hillary Clinton did not tell U.S. forces to stand down. That lie was just refuted by no one less than the CIA station chief in Benghazi.

Nugent quotes Kris “Tanto” Paronto as his authoritative source, all geared up to attack the former secretary of state.

I guess Trey Gowdy wasn’t available. Perhaps after Hillary Clinton breezed her way through 11 hours of his Benghazi hearing, he’d rather not talk about it.