The national media desperately want to convince the American public that Hillary is unloved and unpopular. It is a pervasive and pernicious narrative that marginalizes the millions of people who like, admire and support her. The reality is very different from the media spin.

Here’s the headline trumpeting a new ABC News/Washington Post surveyPoll: Clinton Unpopularity at New High, on Par With Trump.

This is the traditional media’s favorite storyline: Hillary is hated. Her opponents repeat the point incessantly, hoping it will convince the world that she deserves to be shunned.

Yet somehow she keeps winning. It vexes them.

Let’s get behind the spin.

That same ABC/WaPo poll that paints Hillary as an outcast contains inconvenient details for her detractors:

Four out of five Democrats view Hillary favorably, as do four out of five Blacks. Her favorability is nearly 2-1 among non-whites overall.

So the negative numbers are coming from Republicans and Independents who are inundated with Hillary hate day and night. It is an unfortunate fact of her candidacy and career that she is subjected to inordinate levels of negativity, unlike anything any other candidate has endured. That avalanche of invective is bound to suppress her favorability among certain segments of the public.

There’s one more crucial detail missing from the unceasing narrative that Hillary is deeply unpopular — as promulgated in the ABC headline — namely, that she and Trump are viewed negatively for polar opposite reasons. He, because he is a bigot and bully; she, because she is furiously, continuously and unfairly maligned.

Those are the facts.