In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Hillary Clinton was blunt in her assessment of Donald Trump: He is unqualified for the presidency.

Whether Trump is prepared to be president isn’t a tough question for anyone paying attention. He is not—as he just proved again with his appalling response to the EgyptAir crash.

And Hillary pulled no punches when asked this question during an interview with Chris Cuomo.

“Do you think that Donald Trump is qualified to be president?” Cuomo asked her, and without a moment of hesitation Hillary replied, “No, I do not.” She then went on to detail the many disqualifying things that Trump has said and done, from picking a fight with UK leaders to urging our withdrawal from NATO.

And then stated: “This is a pattern. It’s a pattern that has gone on now for months. …I know hard this job is, and I know that we need steadiness, as well as strength and smarts, in it. And I have concluded he is not qualified to be President of the United States.”


I will also note that she deftly handled Cuomo’s interrupting her to condescendingly lecture her on how politicians work, as though she, and not Trump, is the one running for president having never held political office.

That, by the way, is almost certainly something that would not be quantified as negative coverage, and yet that sort of insolence makes me—and lots of other women—cringe and seethe every time we see it.

She is qualified, unlike Trump, and, also unlike Trump, has earned our respect.