One of the low points of the 2016 election — and one of the reasons Bernie isn’t winning —  is the venomous and aggressive anti-Hillary trolling targeting Hillary and her supporters. Even Bernie himself conceded the “disgusting” and “sexist” attacks back in February, telling his supporters: “We don’t want that crap.” But “that crap” has continued unabated. If anything, it has intensified as Bernie and his surrogates increasingly embrace a scorched earth strategy against Hillary.

If you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter online, you know exactly what you’re in for each day: a torrent of insults, smears, taunts and threats. The source is a group of Bernie Sanders supporters — along with assorted rightwing Hillary haters and astroturf GOP accounts. Many of these accounts were created with the express purpose of trolling Hillary’s fans.

It is an ugly spectacle. Pro-Hillary hashtags are immediately hijacked and turned into gleeful Hillary-bashing fests. Women are subjected to misogynistic rhetoric. Hillary Clinton, one of the most accomplished and admired women in the world, is described in terms that are typically reserved for serial killers and monsters.

It is a despicable aspect of the 2016 race and when it is over in a couple of months, it will be looked on as a terrible moment in American politics, the wholesale mobbing and degradation of the first woman with a viable shot at the presidency.

This is the tag: #EndCyBernBullying.