No campaign ends without bumps and bruises, without hurt feelings and disappointments. But the history Hillary has made is something all Democrats and progressives — all Americans — should share.

I know how it feels when a campaign ends in defeat. And I also know how that defeat can be turned to victory.

I was a staffer on Hillary’s 2008 campaign and I’ll never forget her concession speech eight years ago today. Those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling didn’t come easily. We were all emotionally exhausted, dazed, and dealing with a new and different reality.

We followed Hillary’s lead and turned that loss into a win by working hard to elect Barack Obama and make history together with our former opponent and his supporters.

That we are here again eight years later — that I am here again — is magical, a gift beyond words. It is a testament to Hillary’s indomitable spirit and to the immense dedication of her supporters.

But this historic moment is not ours alone: We share it with Bernie supporters everywhere, who we hope will join with us over the next five months to ensure that our future is one of love and kindness not hate and exclusion.

Our arms and hearts are open wide. Let’s celebrate this amazing moment together!