Just caught a segment on CNN where former Obama strategist David Axelrod repeated the absurd talking point that Hillary’s message hasn’t been inspiring.

It’s a falsehood that has become one of the dominant narratives of the 2016 election cycle. And it is wrongheaded on its face: if Hillary’s message wasn’t inspiring, she wouldn’t be winning.

The problem lies with the pundit class not Hillary. She knows exactly how her supporters feel, how motivated they are and she knows how to speak to their passions and convictions.

I know because I’ve worked for Hillary and advocated on her behalf for a decade. I’m deep inside Hillary’s grassroots world and I know how dedicated her supporters are and how much they care about her candidacy. This is history and they know it.

Maybe the pundits should take their blinders off, ditch the cynical media filter and see reality for what it is.

Read the words of my former colleague Neera Tanden to understand why Hillary inspires millions of people across America:

For decades, Hillary Clinton has been a lot more than a public champion of child care, paid leave and equal pay. She’s lived these issues and led on them personally. I know, because I worked for her during much of that time. As a boss, she’s always made family flexibility a reality for her staff. Most importantly, while she’s advocated for policies like workplace flexibility for two decades, she’s practiced what she preaches.

Exactly. And that’s inspiring.