Few in the media mention it. Pundits are silent about it. It is largely unwritten and unspoken by those who shape the national debate. But within a few short months, a 227 year shut-out will most likely be broken, with Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman presidential nominee for a major party.

The window is closing on the Sanders campaign. Bernie will still put up a fight, win some states, earn more delegates, and he’ll vow to stay in until the end. But in his heart, he knows that victory is increasingly out of his grasp.

And that means that Hillary Clinton, carried by the strength and dedication of her voters, is on the cusp of getting closer to being elected president than any woman in U.S. history.

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Resilience and perseverance are not even adequate to describe the fortitude of someone who takes more incoming fire in an hour than most people endure in a lifetime. Takes that fire and smiles, pushes forward, and thrives. It is truly remarkable — and an inspiring example to women and girls around the world.

As someone who was part of Hillary’s 2008 campaign, I wake up each day in awe that eight years later, we’re here. All of us. Hillary, her team, her friends, her supporters.

What a crazy journey. And it’s not over, not by a long shot. She still has to fight for every vote in the primaries and earn the nomination one vote and one delegate at a time.

But there’s no denying it’s getting thrillingly close.

The gender barrier that has stood for nearly a quarter millennium is in for a good, hard smashing.