I’ve been thinking about how to think about Bernie. And in the end all I can think about is how great it will be to have his millions of supporters join forces with Hillary’s millions of supporters as she takes on Donald Trump.

There is an intense process going on behind the scenes in the Democratic Party. The parties involved are the elders, seasoned decision makers who are working on an offramp for Bernie.

It’s hardly an easy process and there’s no guarantee it will go smoothly. In the meantime, finger-pointing and recriminations are counter-productive. Analyzing Bernie’s state of mind may be an interesting exercise, but not necessarily a useful one.

For Hillary supporters, for all of us at BNR, the focus should be on welcoming Bernie’s voters with open arms and open hearts. Our kinship as Democrats and progressives is stronger than the bruises and bumps of the primaries. We’ll get past this stage and we’ll be stronger than ever.

That healing and rehabilitation process happens every cycle but until you’re on the other side of it, it seems like an impossibly daunting challenge.

It’s not. In a few short weeks, many of Bernie’s most dedicated supporters will be champions for Hillary against Trump and the radical GOP.

So when I think about how to think about Bernie, I end up not thinking about him much at all.