Media coverage on this Memorial Day holiday weekend has been rife with overwrought pieces on Hillary’s so-called “struggles.” Apparently the candidate with the most votes, the best organization and the most money is the one in trouble. Oh right, it’s Hillary. What else do you expect from our media?

The Guardian laments “it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton.”

Chuck Todd of Meet The Press asks: “How did we get to the point where Clinton would be the most unpopular nominee in history?”

The New York Times insists that Hillary is “struggling to find her footing.”

That same NYT piece claims (with no sourcing) that Hillary’s campaign is considering “Poor Donald” as a moniker for her GOP rival, which prompted her spokesperson to tweet, simply: “No. We’re not.”

There’s something incredibly surreal about the national media’s pathological need to slam Hillary — it’s as though they have only one speed: 100 MPH against Hillary.

Sure, there’s the occasional nod to reality, like NBC News admitting that she is still the favorite to win in November. But almost to a person, corporate journalists and pundits are stuck in Hillary attack mode and are physiologically incapable of getting out of it.

Then I think about reality, that pesky place where Hillary is outpacing her rivals by millions of votes, where she’s weathered more incoming fire than virtually any candidate in history, where her supporters are inspired and excited. I think about the superstar surrogates who have yet to hit the trail for her: Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and yes, maybe one day even Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

I look ahead to the fall and imagine how thin Donald will have worn by then. Women can’t stand him. He’ll look like a fool in the debates. More sleaze about him — and from him — will emerge (if that’s possible).

And Hillary will go on to make history.

In the meantime, we’ll have to endure much more of this silly hand-wringing and concern trolling on the part of the national media and commentariat.

I guess it’s an inescapable part of the Hillary journey.

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)