The untold heroes of the 2016 election are the millions of Hillary supporters who, despite being disregarded, demeaned and marginalized, have carried Hillary to victory after historic victory. 

In the face of a colossal onslaught, Hillary’s voters have shown dignity, courage and resilience, defying relentlessly negative media narratives and personal attacks to express their support for Hillary. Their indomitability mirrors Hillary’s.

The photo of a young women with her fists raised, proudly expressing her support for Hillary in the face of a group of (mostly) male anti-Hillary protesters, encapsulates the 2016 election. It conjures 227 years of history, as described in this moving Facebook comment:

When I voted in 2008 for Barack Obama, I was very aware of the people on whose shoulders I was standing. Casting that particular vote felt both sacred and solemn. When I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton for President, I will be casting a vote for my suffragette great-grandmothers, for my grandmothers who dared to enter male-dominated careers, for my mother who worked globally to bring healthcare to women and equal rights to all people, and for the young women who will stand on my shoulders.

hillary supporter arms raised