Bernie certainly has the right to run as long as he wants. But it’s time to find common ground with Hillary and team up against radical Republicans. That’s how progressive issues win.

There are certainly differences between Bernie and Hillary, but there’s a lot of common ground too, on climate change, women’s rights, education, LGBT rights, minimum wage, campaign finance reform, and immigration, among other things.

Bernie would do well to turn his fire against Republicans and to show America that the Democratic candidates share a progressive vision, a vision that is infinitely better for our nation and the world than what Trump and the GOP are offering.

It’s not easy to change tone in an election this intense — it takes courage and discipline. Most importantly, it takes leadership. This is Bernie’s moment to show his true character, to lead by example. To move the Democratic primary away from cheap attacks on Hillary’s speech transcripts and vitriolic attacks on her character.

Time to rise to the occasion.

That’s how we move our shared progressive agenda forward.