Hillary and Bernie are fighting for the same cause. There’s a reason she has been the bane of the far right’s existence for three decades. Vilifying her does nothing to help the progressive cause.

Months ago, I began noting that Bernie’s campaign went from being about something to against someone. With each passing week, the level of venom directed at Hillary from a segment of Bernie supporters loses any relation to the reality of who she is:

Hillary is an upstanding, principled leader who has survived the most intrusive, invasive, aggressive and unending vetting process in political history. Time and again, she has emerged with her integrity intact. In the words of the Des Moines Register, which endorsed her, “Clinton has demonstrated that she is a thoughtful, hardworking public servant who has earned the respect of leaders at home and abroad.

In January, I wrote:

Nothing in Hillary’s record or positions warrants the kind of wild-eyed rage directed at her in some quarters of the left and right. The rational, the logical position for a Bernie supporter is that Clinton is OK, but they like Sanders more. Not: “Hillary is pure evil and Bernie is pure good.”

The vicious invective Hillary endures is the kind you’d reserve for society’s worst, for murderers, for abusers. It is unglued from any reasonable critique. As Sady Doyle describes it:

“It is the tendency for people to decide, at regular intervals, that Hillary Clinton is not a mainstream Democrat who’s carved out a groundbreaking career in politics, but a blood-drenched, boner-killing, venom-dripping hellbeast who is out to destroy America.”

Anyone who is driven more by hatred for Hillary than passion for Bernie is not helping Bernie or themselves.

That kind of burning rage, that visceral hate, is disconnected from facts and truth. It is pure emotion, fueled by the mob effect. It is unproductive in the extreme. In retrospect, it will be embarrassing to those who act on it.

And it has no place in an election where President Trump is a real possibility.