As the general election gets into full swing, let’s examine what a vote for Hillary signifies.  

If you voted for Hillary — or intend to do so — here’s what you’re responsible for:

You’ve made the media look powerless.

The national media have worked hard to undermine Hillary’s campaign, eagerly doing the bidding of her political rivals. For the duration of the primaries, from emails to transcripts, they hammered her incessantly while giving Donald Trump a pass. By carrying her to victory after victory, you’ve laid waste to the media’s efforts to derail her.

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You’ve sent an inspiring message to anyone who feels invisible.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, we’ve heard about Hillary’s so-called “enthusiasm gap.” We’ve heard that voters are excited about other candidates but not about Hillary. We’ve heard that she doesn’t draw crowds. We’ve heard that Hillary’s 15.8 million voters don’t matter. By contributing to her success in the face of efforts to marginalize and silence you, you’ve sent a powerful message that no one is invisible.

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You’ve helped ensure a more promising future for every girl.

Hillary has devoted her life to helping women and children, helping to secure health insurance for millions of kids. According to Gallup, Americans have named her the most admired woman in the world for a record 20 times. She is a role model for people across the globe, and her campaign is setting an example of strength and dignity for women everywhere. Your vote for Hillary is a vote for every girl who has to fight through obstacles at every stage of her life.

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You’ve shown what it means to be knocked down and get back up.

Hillary defines resilience, taking more incoming fire in a day than most people do in a lifetime. She is subjected to vicious personal attacks, insults and smears, the kind that would make even the strongest human being give up. She has been knocked down time and time again and always gets back up to fight, stronger than ever. Your unwavering support gives her the strength to do it.

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You’re preventing a Trump presidency.

The thought that Republicans have pushed Donald Trump so close to the presidency is unfathomably scary; Hillary is now the one human standing between Trump and the nuclear button. Battle-tested and experienced, with a keen sense for the ebbs and flows of campaigns, Hillary can take on Trump and defeat him in November. Your support for her will make the difference between a future of stability, security and progress and one of darkness and uncertainty.

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You’ve demonstrated that what matters is not what people say about you, but who you are.

For decades, Hillary’s detractors have created a grotesque caricature, portraying her as a monster, a corrupt and evil liar out to destroy the world. They have assaulted her integrity and accused her of the unthinkable, and they have spewed venom at her with a fury reserved for society’s worst. In spite of it all, Hillary’s integrity, compassion and honesty shine through. Your support for her proves that it’s not what people say about you that matters, it’s who you really are.

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You’re changing the course of history.

Hillary is the first female nominee of a major party in American history. She is on track to break a 227-year shutout at the highest level of national politics. Let no one diminish the importance of that achievement. You are changing the course of history.

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