As a vocal Hillary advocate (and a long time Bernie fan before 2016), I was critical of Bernie’s attacks on her character. But credit where credit is due: Bernie did what’s best for his country and for the progressive cause by setting aside his own personal ambitions and endorsing her. And I’ll defend him for having the courage and dignity to do that.

We’re already seeing it: attacks on Bernie’s integrity for his powerful endorsement of Hillary.

As Democrats and progressives, we should forcefully reject those attacks and defend Bernie for doing the right thing. I’ll be the first to lead that charge.

As I’ve said repeatedly, politics is about the future. The rear view mirror doesn’t matter nearly as much as the challenges and obstacles ahead. Hillary knows that. Bernie knows that. That’s why they’ve joined forces.

The redemptive aspect of our humanity is our capacity for forgiveness, for compassion, for empathy. We can have contentious debates and come back together without bitterness. We can fight tooth and nail then embrace around common ground.

Hillary and Bernie are leaders precisely because they can focus on the future, placing country above ego. Their lifelong devotion to the progressive cause is why they’ve survived decades in politics and are standing stronger than ever.

We should applaud that and learn from it.

I, for one, do.

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