BNR unearthed a 2008 interview in which Tad Devine, Bernie’s top adviser, warned that a strategy to have superdelegates overturn the will of the people would trigger a “very bad reaction among the voting public.”

Hillary is on the verge of securing the Democratic nomination for president with a majority of votes and pledged delegates, a historic achievement.

That doesn’t seem to be dissuading Bernie from pursuing the undemocratic strategy of appealing to superdelegates to hand him the nomination.

With the primary season near its end, a defiant Bernie Sanders declared Saturday that the Democratic presidential process should not be decided by party leaders and elected officials, predicting a contested summer convention against rival Hillary Clinton. “Once the numbers come in, I think we can begin a serious discussion among ourselves about what the right path for us is,” said Tad Devine, Sanders’ senior adviser. He added: “If he wins California and a lot of states, he’ll want to make a closing argument to the superdelegates.”

Tad Devine is Bernie’s top aide and helped create the superdelegate system. He told the Washington Post in March that “Sanders’s broader aim is the more important one: getting super-delegates as a group, including in states that backed Clinton, to support him.”

He even said Sanders would call for this switch if Sanders trailed in the popular vote and was very close behind in the pledged delegate count, too.

Devine felt very differently in 2008. When asked by NBC’s Brian Williams to comment on the ’08 Democratic primary, he said this:

Now if one candidate goes out and succeeds in the days and weeks ahead and that candidate looks like the candidate who has proven themselves to the voters and the superdelegates go in a different direction, I think there will be a very bad reaction among the voting public.


We’ll remember those words in the days to come.

[This article was originally published on April 9 and has been updated to reflect recent events. Interestingly, since we first reported Devine’s quote, the video of his appearance is no longer available on the NBC website.]