Jane Sanders has become a ubiquitous presence on cable news, acting as Bernie’s chief surrogate. Despite nearly impossible odds for Bernie’s campaign, his aides and surrogates continue to cast aspersions at Hillary, while pretending they are avoiding character attacks.

Here’s a a head-spinning comment from Jane Sanders on Morning Joe:

I think if he was running against anybody but Hillary Clinton, who was the anointed one, who is the most well-known person that is running for office in this country and in the world. She has a good relationship with the African-American community that goes back decades. So that hurts us, helps her.


The Sanders campaign is in complete denial about the destructive effect of their character smears against Hillary, pretending that their relentless insinuations of dishonesty and corruption are somehow acceptable. But they are not now and they never were. Back in 2015 (seemingly a lifetime ago), Bernie himself considered the transcript hit a “character assault” that he “long opposed.”

We’re facing the real possibility of a President Trump and Bernie should be turning his full fire against the GOP to help Democrats win in November. Continuing to drop hints that there’s something nefarious about the Clinton Foundation, as Bernie recently did, or calling Hillary the “anointed one,” is unhelpful in the extreme.

It’s time to stop what never should have started to begin with.