By way of reminder: After chaos broke out during the Nevada caucus, including Bernie supporters booing and shouting obscenities at Sen. Barbara Boxer, she later described it as “a scary situation.” “It was frightening. I was on the stage and people were six feet away from me. And if I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened. … It was not under control.” Now, Bernie’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver says she is lying.

During an interview on CNN, Weaver said he didn’t want to see a repeat of what happened in Nevada at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. But he didn’t mean Bernie supporters creating chaos and an environment of intimidation; he meant Boxer lying about feeling threatened.

“I absolutely do not want to see what happened in Nevada happen in Philadelphia,” he said. “For instance, I don’t want to see Senator Barbara Boxer walking off the stage claiming she’s in fear for her life while she’s contemptuously blowing kisses at the Sanders supporters as she walks out. No, I don’t want to see that. Absolutely not.”

When asked if he thinks Boxer was lying, he replied: “I think if you watch the online video, it seems incongruous that if somebody was in fear for their life while they’re contemptuously blowing kisses at their opponents, yeah, I think that’s incongruous.”

Well. I never knew that among Weaver’s many talents, which include running a candidate’s legacy straight into the ground, is mind reading.

I mean, it must be that he’s a mind reader. Because otherwise what he’s doing is auditing a woman’s description of her own lived experiences and telling her that she couldn’t possibly have felt the way she did because he finds her reported emotions insufficiently valid according to his perspective.

And only the most arrogant, condescending, self-important nightmare people appoint themselves experts on other people’s inner lives, denying other human beings the agency to be authorities on their own minds.

Surely Weaver wasn’t doing something so awful as that, right?

I mean, only real jerks say things like “that woman must be lying about how she felt because I have deemed her subsequent actions to be incongruous with her feeling threatened, since I am apparently unaware that lots of women, especially women with very public careers, have learned to affect a certain swagger as a self-defense mechanism in response to moments of vulnerability that may be exploited by people who are making me feel unsafe.”

And if Weaver isn’t that sort of jerk, then he must be a mind reader. And Boxer must be a liar.

Then again, that seems pretty “incongruous” with reality, upon consideration.

Yet another sterling example of how Team Sanders isn’t even operating in a sphere where they’re likely to do damage to any other candidate except Bernie Sanders himself. This doesn’t hurt Hillary, and it doesn’t hurt Donald.

It just hurts Bernie, hastening his inexplicable canter away from anything resembling an admirable legacy.