Throughout this campaign, there has been no shortage of commentary on Hillary Clinton’s voice, tone, cadence, and facial expressions in what is supposed to be serious political analysis.

Last month, as but one example, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and guest Bob Woodward discussed Hillary’s “shouting.”

On the night of her historic sweep of five primaries, she was still subjected to the same tiresome commentary, with Scarborough again leading the race to the bottom with a tweet admonishing her to smile:

He was joined by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz complaining about her shouting:

Fox news’ Brit Hume wondering what she’s mad at:

And Politico’s Glenn Thrush also accusing her of shouting:

It is indeed a real mystery why some of us question the wisdom of giving disproportionate political media influence to conservative white men.

(AP Photo/Bill Kaczor)