Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech could have easily been delivered by Hillary. His colleague John Heilemann was having none of it.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech on Wednesday was widely mocked by pundits and foreign policy experts alike as essentially a nonsensical world salad. For some reason, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin thought it wasn’t bad.

Halperin and co-host John Heilemann hashed it out on their MSNBC show, with Heilemann taking his co-host to task:

“Oh come on! Come on!,” Heilemann shot back. “Hillary Clinton as a candidate has given extraordinarily detailed, articulate foreign policy speeches which we have praised on this show for their degree of rigor and for their degree of knowledge of the world. This speech had none of that!” “There was nothing the man said today that made me think he was qualified to be commander in chief in that speech. Nothing.”


(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)