Update: Watch Samantha Bee take on Kasich the so-called moderate’s “stealth mission to control our baby ovens” on her TBS show last night:

As we’ve repeatedly said, John Kasich is no moderate. He is, however, the most moderate candidate in this GOP primary. Which just goes to show how crazy this election is: the most moderate candidate in the race just defunded Planned Parenthood in Ohio, effectively limiting access to needed health screenings and HIV and other STD testing to low-income people all over Ohio.

Kasich then turned around and told supporters that women “left their kitchens” to support him back in his first race.

These comments are right in line with his previous comments that political wives are just “at home, doing laundry and doing so many things,” and telling a student journalist and supporter eagerly waving her hand to ask a question, “I don’t have any tickets for, you know, Taylor Swift or anything” because he found her “just so excited.”

Planned Parenthood defunding does serious damage. The bill strips $1.3 million in state grants from Planned Parenthood. The grants were earmarked for toward HIV testing, cancer screenings and programs that help prevent domestic violence and infant mortality. This despite the fact that Ohio has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country.

Kasich’s action was denounced by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards:

“This legislation will have devastating consequences for women across Ohio,” Richards said in a statement. “John Kasich is proudly eliminating care for expectant mothers and newborns; he is leaving thousands without vital STD and HIV testing, slashing a program to fight domestic violence, and cutting access to essential, basic health care.”

After a similar bill passed in Texas, researchers found the birthrate increased by 27 percent in poorer communities that lost access to Planned Parenthood.

Notably, nearly half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed since Kasich took office.

And this is the most “moderate” candidate the GOP has to offer.