John Kasich has been making the media rounds lately to explain his recent coordination with Ted Cruz’s campaign. Their goal – denying Donald Trump the delegates he needs to secure the nomination – is rooted in Kasich’s premise that Trump can’t beat Hillary. We think he’s right. No other candidate is more disliked by women than Trump. 

Watch Kasich say that Trump has “zero chance” of beating Hillary:

Kasich has echoed that same point over and over. And he is likely right – The Real Clear Politics polling averages from a hypothetical Trump vs. Hillary match-up show her defeating him by eight points – the general election equivalent of a blowout.

While those general election match-up figures will fluctuate over time, it’s difficult to see how Trump could win with his unpopularity with women at a historic high. The media are beginning to take note – leading to headlines like, “Holy Crap Do Women Not Like Donald Trump.” Polling guru Nate Silver asks:

And it’s not just the presidency. Trump could cost Republicans control of the Senate and House, something thought to be improbable before his primary successes. Trump has been called an extinction-level event for the GOP, which is why they’re panicking.

They should be – if current trends hold and Trump is the nominee, women will propel Hillary Clinton straight to the White House.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)