Jimmy Kimmel took aim at some of the sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton, offering to “mansplain” for her.

Kimmel jokingly told Hillary to speak more softly, less softly, smile more, and smile less (“do you want to be president or a Lakers Girl?”) before ultimately deciding she’s just not a man, but was “cute” for trying.

The sketch is a bitingly incisive and accurate depiction of the 2016 reality. Who can forget Bob Woodward complaining that “she shouts” …

Or prominent media men Howard Kurtz, Brit Hume, and Glenn Thrush all accusing her of being too loud after a big primary victory? But don’t worry, Howard Kurtz later explained that he didn’t say she was “shrill,” and he says men shout too, so he wasn’t being sexist at all.

Then there’s Joe Scarborough. The MSNBC host infamously told Hillary: “Smile. You’ve just had a big night.” That triggered a multitude of mocking replies on twitter led by TBS late night host Samantha Bee:

Somehow impervious to learning anything from #SmileForJoe, Scarborough doubled down on his condescension, explaining that he doesn’t “look at [Hillary] as as a woman” and she’s “dealt with a helluva lot more than a tweet,” which, I guess, means that any sexist, idiotic thing he says is totally justified because she can take it. Sheesh.

Good thing we have Kimmel and Bee to bring some satire to it.