The Los Angeles Police Department released a comprehensive use-of-force report showing that its officers disproportionately target suspects that are black and/or mentally ill.

The report shows 35 percent of people shot at by officers between 2011 and 2015 were black, while African Americans make up nine percent of the city’s population.

The number of mentally ill people shot by police increased from five in 2014 to 14 last year. The 14 mentally ill people represent 37 percent of all the people shot in 2015.

Police Chief Charlie Beck says he hopes the report provides the framework for an important local and national discussion about the use of force.

The Los Angeles Times asks:

How can officers safely interact with a growing mentally ill population? And how can departments heal strained relationships with black residents when police shootings of African Americans remain disproportionately high?

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(Kevin Warn/AP)