Donald has gone so wildly off the rails during this campaign that the most obvious deficit with which he started – being abysmal on women’s issues – is no longer getting the coverage it deserves.

In what might be the most remarkable commentary on just how vast and varied Donald’s many bigotries and blunders actually are, his rank and persistent misogyny barely makes headlines.

But make no mistake – he is still absolutely terrible for women.

Following on the heels of his gross defense of sexual harassment, which included victim-blaming and dismissing women victimized by sexual harassers as “complainers,” Donald has given us several reminders that women should never trust him to have our backs.

He just released the names of his economic advisers, and there wasn’t a single woman among them:

This is particularly notable given his selection of Mike Pence as a running mate, which makes Trump-Pence a profoundly and aggressively anti-choice ticket. He’s now chosen a bunch of male economic advisers, almost certainly none of whom acknowledge reproductive freedom as a key economic issue for women.

Meanwhile, Donald also gave an interview during which he “declined to name any possible women he would name to his cabinet as president on Wednesday, instead naming his daughter Ivanka and the woman interviewing him as possible cabinet members.”

Naturally, Hillary’s amazing digital team had the best response:

Remember when this was the worst we thought a Republican presidential candidate could get?

And yet here we are, four years on, with the most noxious sexist to stand on the precipice of the presidency in the modern era.

In small comforts, at least there’s a woman poised to defeat him. And not just any woman, but a woman who has dedicated her life to improving the lives of other women.


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