It’s anyone’s guess why Bernie and Jane Sanders are on the offensive against Hillary despite her overwhelming lead among pledged delegates and in the popular vote. 

Jane Sanders just vowed a “fight” on the issues at the Democratic convention, and in the past 72 hours, both Bernie and Jane have claimed Hillary is “anointed.”

This aggressive strategy is extremely counterproductive to the Democratic Party — and consequently to the progressive cause.

Rachel Maddow is having none of it, calling the Sanders strategy “fantastical” and “radical.”


Here are some key points Bernie should remember (via NBC News):

  • The Democratic nomination isn’t determined by just pledged delegates; a candidate becomes the presumptive nominee when he or she crosses the 2,383 magic number consisting of both pledged delegates and superdelegates.
  • In 2008, Barack Obama crossed the magic number with considerable help from superdelegates. And with superdelegates representing 20% of all delegates back then (it’s now 15%), Obama certainly didn’t have a majority with just pledged delegates alone in that very tight ’08 race.
  • But if you want to reduce the Dem race to *just* pledged delegates, Clinton’s current delegate lead is THREE TIMES the size of Obama’s in 2008 (when it hovered around 100).
  • The last candidate to win with pledged delegates alone was Al Gore.
  • Hillary leads Bernie by more than 3 MILLION votes. She led in 2008 and still dropped out to endorse Obama.

Something has gone wrong in the Sanders camp and some serious soul searching is in order.

[Susan Madrak contributed to this article.]