UPDATE (4/17/16): Maureen Dowd’s obsession with Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to the New York Times. In light of yet another column referring to Hillary as a “queen,” we are re-upping our February 7 article where Dowd claimed that President Obama “used race” to get elected.

ORIGINAL (2/7/16)

Maureen Dowd, whose personal vendetta against Hillary Clinton is an increasing liability for the New York Times, attempts another vicious take-down of the Democratic frontrunner.

Dowd is the leading purveyor of Rovian anti-Hillary memes, sophisticated negative character frames crafted in conservative oppo shops to undermine Hillary’s candidacy. Dowd believes that as a woman she is immune from claims of sexism, so her Hillary-bashing screeds are bursting at the seams with blatantly sexist language, lies and innuendo.

Her latest column includes the following verbatim phrases:

  • Hillary still has not learned the art of seduction on stage
  • Overplays her feminist hand
  • Feels too competitive with her husband
  • Bill could tell her not to shout her way through rallies, adding to her authenticity problem
  • Her campaign cries sexism too often
  • Hillary huffily said…
  • And she’s still not likable enough for the young women who were supposed to carry her forward as a Joan of Arc.
  • With Hillary, there are three things [that make her stupid]: sex, money and the need for secrecy.
  • Nixonian obsession with secrecy by the woman who was once an idealistic lawyer
  • Hillary was there sucking at the teat
  • She tried to drag in others to excuse her own ethically lax behavior

Dowd’s hate and envy masquerading as editorials is nothing new. She’s been doing this for two decades. But she got sloppy this time, slipping in a line accusing America’s first African American president of “using race” to get elected:

Her allies think mentioning her shouting is sexist, and sexism does swirl around Hillary, but her campaign cries sexism too often. In 2008, Barack Obama used race sparingly.

In the context of the previous sentence about Hillary’s campaign “crying sexism,” her insinuation about Barack Obama is crystal clear: he “used race” to get elected. It’s hard to imagine a benign interpretation of the word “used” in this instance.

This column is a stain on the New York Times and an embarrassment to journalism and punditry.