Another week, another rancid, fact-free Hillary-bashing Maureen Dowd column. This time, she tries to conceal her personal animus by putting the words in Trump’s mouth. The transparent ploy fails miserably.

For years, the New York Times has provided a platform for Maureen Dowd to publish vindictive and hateful anti-Clinton columns. On July 10, in yet another hideous tirade, Dowd crossed the line, belittling President Obama by derisively calling him “Barry” and triggering a massive backlash for echoing language used by his racist critics.

A few weeks later, she slammed Hillary yet again, calling her crazy and comparing her to Dick Cheney.

She’s at it again today, with a column ostensibly in Trump’s voice, but designed to deliver another heaping dose of Hillary hate, from peddling conspiracies about Hillary’s health to falsely accusing her of illegal activity.

Once again, I won’t grace Dowd or the NY Times with a link to her filth, but I’ll echo what countless others know: Her column is a colossal embarrassment.

There’s nothing to be proud of in purveying an atmosphere of hate for another human being, certainly not one who is under constant threat. Dowd and the NY Times should be ashamed.