Another day, another reporter repeating a standard trope about Hillary. This time it’s Nancy Gibbs of TIME, who appeared on Morning Joe and suggested that Hillary’s language on the issues was harmful to her prospects:

Right now in this atmosphere the way Hillary Clinton talks does not work in her favor when voters are looking for something that sounds very, very different.

You have to feel bad for the corporate media. They’ve been stuck for so long repeating that Hillary’s supporters lack enthusiasm, that Hillary isn’t trusted, that Hillary needs to change what she’s doing, that the actual reality of the race has left them repeating strange, defunct loops.

After Hillary won yet another round of states, CNN’s Dana Bash referred to Hillary’s “enthusiasm gap.”

I don’t know how to state this more simply and emphatically: HILLARY IS WINNING. …By a wide margin. More than 8.6 million votes. A million more than Trump, who comes in second.

What she’s doing is working.

What she’s saying is inspiring.

How she says it is energizing.

In light of the facts of the race, how long will reporters and pundits repeat outdated anti-Hillary narratives?