A recent Monmouth poll found that 63% of Americans are tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails. That’s not surprising; if you’re a sentient American, you’ve heard something about those “damn emails” (to quote Bernie Sanders) every single day for the past year. 

Instead of simply asking the question “Has there been a single day in the past year when the national media didn’t mention ‘s emails?” I decided to answer it.

My colleagues at BNR took to Lexis Nexis, TVEyes, and Google and came back with a staggering, though unsurprising, conclusion:

Hillary’s emails have been mentioned in the mainstream media every single day of 2016.

And every single day going back a full year.

We’re talking big media outlets, not blogs or local papers: AP, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. And more often than not there were multiple mentions across the national media on a given day.

Let that sink in: not one day has gone by in 2016 when Americans weren’t reminded of the Hillary email story.

Our research bolsters what several independent studies have found: Donald Trump receives more favorable media coverage than Hillary Clinton.

This is the great disgrace of the 2016 election, that a candidate who incites violence, calls for the assassination of his opponent, labels the sitting president a terrorist, lies with impunity, and sows hate and bigotry, receives better press than his opponent, an admired and accomplished woman on the verge of making history.

Look at the disdainful reporting Hillary deals with on a regular basis, even as she’s winning.

cnn attacks hrc

decline wapo


It is an unfathomable reality: Donald Trump, who bashes the media with unrestrained aggression, gets a day or two of tepid coverage for profoundly reckless and dangerous statements. Meanwhile Hillary cannot spend a single day campaigning without having the public reminded about a situation for which she apologized and was found by the FBI to have committed no intentional wrongdoing.

She might be better off trying Trump’s approach, though she has far too much dignity to do so:

Trump uses the national media to mainstream white nationalism.

Meanwhile: Emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails…

Simply reprehensible.

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