Hillary’s New York victory brings her to the brink of the Democratic nomination. And she is now the first and only 2016 candidate to surpass ten million total votes. Media, THERE’S your enthusiasm

With a sweeping NY victory, Hillary Clinton showed them how it’s done, pulling in strong Democratic support from every part of the state and energizing what appears to be a record turnout.

Other than that, no big deal. Other than she’s also been fighting the “no one is excited about Hillary” narrative, the “she’s under-performing” digs from media types, and a long string of vile character attacks from detractors across the political spectrum.

We are moving closer and closer to breaking that final glass ceiling, to saying “Madame President.” To having little girls see a woman in the White House and thinking that’s normal. To having an advocate at the very top, for women’s rights, and for women’s well-being.

No, pundits, you are so wrong. This is very exciting.

[Peter Daou contributed to this article]