Michelle Obama delivered a groundbreaking speech on the first night of the Democratic convention, putting the lie to the “Hillary is untrustworthy” narrative promoted by the media.

Over and over and over again we hear from the media that Hillary is seen as dishonest and untrustworthy. It’s a deceptive and manipulative self-fulfilling loop whereby they ask the same question enough times to create the result they’re looking for.

I’ve described the process in detail:

If you follow politics you know there’s a gaping chasm between Hillary’s public image and her actual character. That chasm was purposely created by her opponents and is purposely exploited by them. In the caricatured version of Hillary promulgated by her detractors in politics and media, Hillary is lying and corrupt. In actual reality, Hillary is a person of integrity who is respected, loved and trusted by those who know her best.

Michelle Obama’s heartfelt endorsement of Hillary was one of the highlights of the 2016 campaign. It was a speech in which she explicitly asserted that she trusts Hillary to safeguard her daughters, a powerful and moving testimonial that eviscerated the media’s corrosive storylines about Hillary’s character.

Watch it… then watch it again:

In the words of Joe Biden:

“The hardest thing is vouching. When you vouch for them you say ‘I’m putting my reputation on the line. I believe this person is a good person, has character.’  You’re putting your rep on the line. You’re saying, ‘I think this person has character,’ and that’s what I’m prepared to do for Hillary.”

All we ever hear from the corporate media is this: some poll somewhere tells us that some people somehow don’t trust Hillary.

But when the First Lady says that she trusts Hillary with her daughters’ future, we need to take notice. Why is it that the most respected, accomplished people in the world trust Hillary? These are people who know her, who have interacted with her over many years.

The answer is simple: Hillary is the most (unjustly) vilified woman in America. She is under constant verbal assault from opponents across the political spectrum. She is in the process of shattering centuries-old barriers and the institutional forces that have upheld those barriers are resisting mightily. The incessant invective will inevitably take a toll on her public image. But her image is one thing and her true character is another.

Michelle Obama knows Hillary’s true character and she trusts Hillary to protect her daughters.

Thankfully, she isn’t alone. Millions of Americans see through the bogus anti-Hillary frames and will show up to vote for her with passion and enthusiasm.

And they’ll be there on Election Day.

Trust me.