The job of a Trump apologist is a thankless one, since it so often requires painful contortions of logic and extreme distortions of reality. Mika Brzezinski lets Rep. Tom Cole have it after he defends Donald one time too many.

Trump surrogate Rep. Tom Cole, an Oklahoma congressman who frequently appears on Morning Joe, defended Donald and fiercely attacked Hillary, and Mika Brzezinski wasn’t having it.

Sir, when Hillary Clinton put her foot in her mouth she went back there and addressed people and owned up to it. Tell me except one time for a tweet that Donald Trump has owned up to any of the crazy things he has said. I don’t exactly know how you can be comfortable with this candidate. I can’t understand it, but I am going to continue to ask.


And to Mika’s point: After a day of rallies claiming he saw a video clip of $400 million being unloaded in Iran as part of the hostage deal, Donald has actually admitted he was wrong. In a tweet.

Of course.