In today’s bizarro world news, Morning Joe vigorously defends Trump’s disgusting objectification of women, with panelist Donny Deutsch calling him a feminist and saying he isn’t as bad as some CEOs.   

If you believe that our national media have the public interest at heart, think again. Election 2016 coverage is all about agendas and personal vendettas. In the case of Morning Joe, their singular mission is to undermine Hillary’s candidacy.

That they have failed so miserably only makes them double down further. Today we have another glaring example, with a panel discussion so outlandish we had to clip it to be sure it was real.

Mika Brzezinski, who is determined to take Maureen Dowd’s mantle as chief Hillary basher, attacked Hillary’s marriage and argued that her personal issues were much worse than Trump’s problem with women.

Donny Deutsch, with a straight face, called Trump a feminist for only being demeaning to women some of the time, not all the time like other CEOs.

Somewhere in Fox News headquarters, executives are laughing.

See for yourself (and make sure you do it on an empty stomach):