Two recent studies have confirmed that Hillary gets more negative coverage than any other 2016 candidate, including Donald Trump. But every so often, the truth peeks through.

Hillary supporters are accustomed to waking up each day to a dose of Hillary-bashing in the media and to go to bed with the same thing. But then there’s the rare positive story that concedes what everyone knows: Hillary is winning.

NBC News:

Hillary Clinton is reeling from more negative headlines about her use of a private email server, while Donald Trump careens from news cycle to news cycle as fact-checkers scramble to sift through his claims. But a deep analysis of data from the poll shows that Clinton is still currently the more likely of the two candidates to emerge as the winner when the voting’s all over on Nov. 8, 2016.

As we’ve said repeatedly, Hillary’s supporters have stepped up for her at the voting booth, defying an incessant barrage of attacks, smears and doom-saying headlines.

Expect that pattern to continue through Election Day.