As a former digital director for Hillary who knows the ebb and flow of her online presence, I’ve never seen her supporters more fired up than they are today.

Bernie’s last hurrah, his all-out attempt to knock Hillary down before the pledged delegate window closes permanently this month, is not having the intended consequences.

Hillary’s supporters are out in force today, rejecting Bernie’s GOP-style tactics and standing up for the candidate who is running the most positive campaign of the 2016 cycle.

Bernie and his campaign aides know he isn’t winning, but they won’t tell his supporters. I was there in 2008 during the closing days of Hillary’s campaign. I saw how the math was calculated and I know that most voters aren’t privy to the intricacies of delegate calculation, internal polling and demographic projection and extrapolation.

Bernie sees the writing on the wall. So do his senior advisers. But rather than go positive and unite the party, they’ve clearly decided to spend the money they’ve raised and traverse the path of maximum negativity — the path that conservatives have tried and failed with Hillary.

“Despite their pledge to run a positive campaign about the issues, we have seen increasingly ratcheted-up personal attacks from Senator Sanders, his campaign and their surrogates. It’s disappointing that they’ve doubled down on negative character attacks that deliberately mislead voters rather than debate the issues.” – Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary for America Communications Director

Decade after decade, Hillary is attacked, her character is impugned, her integrity questioned. And she always prevails in the face of those attacks.

She’ll do so again. And her supporters will stand up to defend her, whether it’s a Republican rival or Bernie Sanders.

In the end, the harder Bernie hits, the stronger he makes Hillary. It’s a losing strategy for him.