Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy led a Democratic filibuster which lasted nearly fifteen hours to demand a vote on proposed gun reforms. Four amendments were considered today in the Senate. All four failed.

All of them failed largely along party line votes.

Twenty schoolchildren and six adult school staff killed by a gunman wasn’t enough to do anything. Nine people at a church prayer service wasn’t enough to do anything. Dozens of other mass shootings, and tens of thousands of people injured or killed by guns every year, haven’t been enough to do anything.

And now the deadliest single mass shooting in the nation’s history, in which dozens of people were killed and dozens more injured, hasn’t been enough to do anything either. At least not enough for most Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sounded despondent as he described the heinous “pattern of inaction” on gun reform:

“Instead of getting help from their elected officials, our constituents see a disturbing pattern of inaction. It’s always the same. After each tragedy we try, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures. Sadly, our efforts are blocked by the Republicans in Congress who take their marching orders from the National Rifle Association.”

Seemingly, no number of lives can be taken which will ever constitute too many for Republicans beholden to the National Rifle Association. There is no amount of carnage, no amount of loss, no amount of grief that can move these senators to take action to save lives.

I wish I could end on an optimistic note; I wish I had something hopeful to say. But I don’t. It is grim.

I am angry. And I hope if you are angry too, that you’ll bring that anger to the voting booth come November.