Bernie Sanders delivered a speech to supporters in New York City. The media ignored him.

Bernie gave his usual stump speech on a warm NYC evening, a list of progressive issues that Democrats, including Hillary, have championed for decades.

And speaking of Hillary, he failed to mention her once. Not once.

It was also interesting that cable nets ignored him and mainstream media coverage was virtually non-existent.

The final irony: His “A Future to Believe In” sign started to fall off the podium at the end and someone had to run in and stick it back in place.

Bernie’s leverage in the 2016 race is clearly greatly diminished. Although he brought attention to several important progressive issues, he is no longer a subject of interest to the press.

However, millions of his supporters will become part of Hillary’s historic campaign and their power will be felt by Donald Trump and the radical GOP.

And that’s a beautiful thing.