Irony of ironies! Roberta Lange, the chair of the Nevada Democratic party who was threatened by Bernie supporters, is one of the superdelegates Bernie is trying to woo. Has Bernie personally reached out to her after her life was threatened? No.

You probably know the basics: Bernie supporters at the Nevada Democratic convention went on a rampage last Saturday, mostly over their lack of understanding of the rules. Their response included hundreds of threatening voicemails left for Roberta Lange, who was chairing the meeting, and similar attacks on her employer.

Lange says, not unreasonably, that the Sanders campaign owes her an apology. Has she gotten any kind of apology from the campaign, or Bernie himself? Nope.

But here’s the funny part: Roberta Lange is an unpledged superdelegate. Although I’m going to take a wild guess that, thanks to Bernie supporters, she’s not leaning in his direction.

Way to build bridges.

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)