When it comes to Hillary Clinton, there are media narratives that just won’t die. Like the one about her message not resonating even though she’s winning. New York Times reporter Patrick Healy is a master of anti-Hillary narratives and here he outdoes himself with an absurd story about Hillary, Donald and Brexit.

The idea that Hillary is “cautious” is a shop-worn media frame. In this wrong-headed NY Times story, Patrick Healy stretches it to the breaking point:

Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump won a combined 25 million votes during the primary season, compared with 16 million for Mrs. Clinton. And while many of Mr. Sanders’s supporters are expected to support her in November, she has not recalibrated her message to try to tap into the anger that he and Mr. Trump channeled.

You read that correctly: Healy is actually adding vote totals for the Republican nominee and Democratic runner-up to claim that Hillary’s message isn’t resonating. The female candidate has to defeat two men simultaneously for her campaign to be deemed successful.

And according to this brilliant analysis, she has to “recalibrate” her message to tap into anger even though she soundly defeated Bernie Sanders and is ahead of Donald Trump by double digits in recent polls.

That this passes muster for the Times isn’t surprising, but it’s still reprehensible.