Hillary Clinton just destroyed Donald Trump in a scathing indictment of his foreign policy proposals (such as they are) and utterly condemned him with her experience and credentials. And she showed anyone who doubted she’s ready to take him on, or doubted she’s ready to be president, that she’s more than prepared—she’s ready to go.

Hillary’s foreign policy address in San Diego was extraordinary. She absolutely eviscerated Donald, delineating in infinitesimal detail the myriad ways that his recklessness and ignorance make him catastrophically unfit for the presidency.

There will be countless pieces poring over the content of her address, which was chock full of terrific lines, from saying it would be a “historic mistake” to elect Donald to saying he has an “affection for tyrants.”

There will similarly be pieces deconstructing her delivery. Was it strong enough? Was it too shouty? (Heaving sigh.)

I’m not going to do either of those things here. Instead, I simply want to observe this: This speech is a perfect example of why the best case for President Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton herself.

Let fall away all of the silly debate used to fill airtime on cable news, the exhausting clickbait, the discredited narratives, the sexism, the scandal-mongering, the mischaracterizations, and all the other detritus of a presidential election, and take a long look at the woman who stood at that podium and commanded our attention with gravitas, intelligence, strength, expertise, and wit.

That is Hillary. That is the woman who is petitioning to be our president.

The woman who not only just destroyed her competitor, revealing him for the dangerous buffoon that he is, but who destroyed every stupid question about her readiness.

Is she ready to take on Donald in a general election? YES.

Is she ready to be a commander-in-chief? YES.

Is she ready to be president? YES.

She is ready. Every word of her speech conveyed her readiness. She sounded smart, she sounded strong, and she sounded like she was having fun. She was in her zone.

Because she knows how to fight. She wouldn’t be where she is now if she didn’t know how to fight bigots and bullies. Trust that.

She didn’t get where she is—the first woman to stand on the precipice of the US presidency—by accident or luck. She made her way to the podium, today, following a long journey littered with barriers and brawls that would leave most mere mortals in a crumpled heap.

Hillary has been obliged, often unfairly, to be extraordinary. And so she is.

Her case for the presidency is this: Here I am. I am ready for whatever comes.

And I am ready for her.

(AP Photo/John Locher)